This is a quick and easy way to enhance the rear end of any mk3 fiesta.
The Mk4 rear wiper is a lot more stylish and looks a lot better than the mk3 item.

All the parts used in this guide are brand new from your local Ford main parts dealer.
The cost of the wiper arm with all the required pieces and the new wiper blade is only £14.
Not worth looking for a second hand one.

Tools Needed:

13mm spanner/rachet
Maybe a flathead screwdriver

Parts Needed:

Mk4 Rear wiper arm
Mk4 wiper insert
Mk4 fixing cover
Bosch Rear wiper



Applies to all mk3 and mk3.5 fiestas

Right to start remove your old mk3 rear wiper, flip up the nut cover to reveal a 13mm nut.
Undo this with the spanner anticlockwise.

Remember - keep this nut safe as you will use it to fit the new wiper arm.

wiper wiper wiper

Right once the nut is removed, simply lift up the wiper arm to engage the spring
then give it a wiggle from side to side to dislodge it from the tailgate.

Once removed you should be left with the mount.
Throw the old wiper arm in the bin like I did or keep it
somewhere safe for a rainy day. Get it…… rainy - never mind……


Here is what you should have got from ford, the complete mk4 fiesta rear wash wiper


SClick the bosch wiper blade to the wiper arm by clicking into place.

Next fit the Mk4 wiper arm to the tailgate by simply placing back onto the mount,
but place it on when the spring is in the lifted position or it won't go on properly.
Make sure the wiper arm is aligned straight.

Align the wiper like so………


When straight tighten up ………

Take your old 13mm bolt and tighten up with the spanner.
Then push the nut cover into place then click down to close.

Don't over tighten - or you will ruin the nut.

wiper wiper

Then stand back and admire your Fiesta's new rear end.


There you have it … Mk4 wiper fitted to the Mk3.

I hope this guide helps in some way, shape or form

Guide Written and © On 16 Jul 2006 by Clark Moss (Knucles) For

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